Target Zero

Target Zero

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One _icon _thumb Our target is zero accidents every day: Target Zero.

We do everything we can to remove the risk of accidents from our business, across every contract.

In regrettable cases where an accident does occur, our systems ensure we learn from it, communicate the learning, improve for the future, and Target Zero the next day.

This is our vision, and we use a wide range of tools to help us achieve it.

Risk assessment
We apply our rigorous corporate risk management processes to our Target Zero mission. We ensure that a risk assessment is carried out for every task that:

  • takes account of the environment in which the task is undertaken as well as the nature of the task itself
  • identifies the key hazards
  • sets out clear, practical controls.

To keep abreast of health and safety risks in our sector, we closely monitor the effectiveness of our risk assessments, and review the controls we have in place. This is one of our key performance indicators.