Infrastructure Services



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Carillion has extensive capabilities and experiences in providing critical infrastructure for cities and countries to succeed. We provide integrated management and maintenance services for key arterial roads; we support rail networks, working on design, testing, commissioning and maintenance; we provide a range of public utility services and deliver marine infrastructure for ports and harbours.

Our design, build and operate focus harnesses Carillion's internal consultancy expertise along with our skills in construction, civil engineering and services to provide a unique proposition to customers for their infrastructure requirements.

In the Middle East, the United Kingdom and Canada, Carillion provides a range of critical services to road networks that enable people to go about their business effectively. Carillion can provide tailor-made solutions for road management and maintenance and our integrated approach means that we can handle everything from emergency repairs to unexpected weather conditions.

Our considerable experience and expertise in providing solutions in the UK and Canada have been transferred to the region to deliver a managed solution for the main Dukhan highway in Qatar.

We design, build, maintain and manage key road infrastructure with skills and expertise including; Managed Motorways/Highways that actively control traffic flow through variable speed limits; year-round routine maintenance as well as preventative maintenance services; bridge building and demolition; traffic flow surveys; road expansion and integrated travel planning.

Carillion is contributing to a railway infrastructure that is fit for the 21st century. We are improving infrastructure for passengers and freight operators alike, delivering major projects and fulfilling long-term asset management and maintenance contracts.

Our infrastructure services capability uses the latest technology, management and engineering know-how to deliver rail projects and services to the highest standards of quality and safety.

Our construction services capability has been crucial in delivering large rail projects as evidenced by our work in the United Kingdom such as the East London Line, North London Railway Infrastructure Project and Southampton Tunnel. We provide solutions for signalling projects, overhead line installations, station development and major civil engineering works.

In Canada, we have also undertaken projects such as the five-year, £360 million revitalisation of Union Station.

Carillion has over 40 years' experience of multi-service provision within the gas, water, electricity and telecoms sector. Our integrated services include everything from feasibility and design through to on-site refurbishment, new build and asset renewal.

In the gas sector we offer emergency and network services, metering, mains repair, replacement and maintenance and connections.

For water, we have expertise in network repair and maintenance, strategic pipelines, distribution mains and flooding works.

For electricity, we offer full service provision from LV up to 400kV. This includes overhead lines, substation and cable projects and cable term contracts.

For telecoms we design, install, commission and maintain underground, overhead and wireless networks. In the United Kingdom, a Carillion-led joint venture has a seven-year contract to provide outsourced nationwide asset management and maintenance services for Openreach, BT's local access network business.

An example of our capabilities is referenced by our contract to design and build the UK's longest onshore HV connection for an offshore windfarm - a twin circuit onshore 132kV cable system over a distance of 47km. As part of the project, Carillion will undertake all civil engineering and cable installation activities, including crossing a number of watercourses and strategic roads using trenchless techniques.

Harbour Construction Services
Through harnessing our civil engineering capabilities with our construction skills we have a distinct and unique service offer relating to harbours and ports.

The services we have provided in the Middle East include marine works excavation, backfilling and reclamation work. construction of main breakwater, lee breakwaters and revetments, construction of quay walls, ship lift and slipways, floating berths and navigation systems.

To supplement the marine activities we have delivered support infrastructure land side including; road work and pavings to the harbour side area, construction of helipad, landscaping works, security fences and utility services including power, water, drainage and communications.

Civil Engineering
Carillion's expertise in civil engineering has gained professional recognition and awards for numerous projects.

This award-winning capability in civil engineering supports Carillion's infrastructure services and construction services. It's all part of our fully integrated solutions to make tomorrow a better place.

Our civil engineering experience covers everything from flood defences to nuclear decommissioning, and from transport improvements to water and effluent treatment upgrades.

We have demonstrated the value of involving Carillion's civil engineering team at early stages of projects in order to optimise costs and minimise risks. We are proud and passionate about delivering a sustainable solution and work with all stakeholders and the local community.

Consultancy business
Carillion's consultancy business provides engineering and architectural design and project management services. These capabilities play an important role in supporting the delivery of integrated solutions for buildings and infrastructure.

Services include the provision of multi-disciplinary design, management and compliance services for the built environment which are complemented by specialist skills such as airport engineering, security design, property legislation, risk management, land, building and quantity surveying, and space planning.